Your own marketing assistant

Scan business contacts, write personalized message sequences and create outstanding marketing copies faster than other humans with Scanlist AI.

Profile scanning

Realtime data – no more stale databases and obsolete data. Access high-quality data that’s refreshed regularly & frequently.

In Depth Monitoring - Techcloud X Webflow Template

Export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator search, saved leads and basic Linkedin search.

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Enrich your extracted lists with business and personal emails as well as up to 20+ extra data points. All emails are automatically verified with a whopping 97% accuracy.

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AI marketing assistant

Create high-quality marketing copies of all kinds: from cold email templates to social media ad texts and landing page CTA blocks. Includes 70+ copy types.

Write full articles in 4 simple steps: Idea, Intro, Outline, Full Article.

Test your cold email templates for deliverability and readability instantly with Email Analyzer

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Hyper personalized messages at scale

Generate hundreds of personalized messages in a few minutes. Three types are available: First cold emails, LinkedIn connection messages, and Personalized ice-breakers.

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Designed for teams of
all sorts and sizes

Sales Teams

Save your creativity for important sales tasks, like communicating with leads, while ScanList takes over the routine part of the job.

Marketing Teams

Greatly save costs on copywriting - create compelling blog articles, generate unique ad texts and write high-quality copies for your social media posts, landing pages and product pages, all in the same place.

Recruiting Teams

Build robust pipelines of talent & save more time on closing candidates. Enjoy automated recruiting ops & accurate contact data at your disposal, while focusing on improving candidate engagement & hitting hiring benchmarks.


Unlocking one email address (business or personal) costs 1 Scanner credit
Writing one word using AI Assistant costs 1 AI Writer credit (3 credits if GPT4 is used)
Checking one email with Email analyzer costs 10 AI Writer credits.

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600 Scanner credits
Access to AI Writer
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Growth - Techcloud X Webflow Template
1200 Scanner credits
10 000 AI Writer credits
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Enterprise - Techcloud X Webflow Template
1800 Scanner credits
25 000 AI Writer credits
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use Scanlist with a regular LinkedIn account, but your search capabilities will be limited. We recommend employing Sales Navigator for more precise and extended searches. Sales Navigator is there to enrich your sales pipelines with lots of targeted leads, so there is no reason to put off purchasing it.

ScanList combines one of the most accurate, sufficient B2B contact databases and AI capabilities within one place to let you make use of the most demanded and important features for B2B salespeople & recruiting professionals (as the market dictates it). It's a one-of-its-kind offer for this price available on the market. So far.

Unlocking one email address (business or personal) costs 1 Scanner credit. Writing one word using AI Assistant costs 1 AI Writer credit (3 credits if GPT4 is used). Checking one email with Email analyzer costs 10 AI Writer credits

Scanlist allows you to scrape leads in bulk from any Linkedin Sales Navigator search or saved list and provides a clean spreadsheet with accurate contact info. You can save emails to a CSV file to use for your email campaigns.